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  • What is this site all about?

Articles is a Jar of free articles.

  • What kind of articles do you provide?

We provide articles, notes (relating to School, College and University subjects), poems, tutorials, tricks and tips (daily life and online), essays, spiritual articles, advice regarding love and relationship, motivation and success, health and hygiene etc..

  • Who writes these articles? 

The articles are submitted by users like you.

  • How to search for a particular article?

You can either browse Sitemap or simply put the required topic in the search box to browse your article. If you cannot find your article, please submit yours.

  • Can I write an article for you?

Definitely, you can either submit a guest post or create an account.

  • Where is the login page?

To keep the site secure, the login page has been kept secret. The url will be mailed to you only after you become a member.

  • On what topics can I write articles?

You are free to post any article regardless of its category. Please avoid plagiarised (duplicate) article and submit original articles. If your article is not original or copied from other sites, it will be deleted automatically without prior notice as it harms the SEO of the Jar.

  • Is it worth doing so?

There are several benefits of becoming a publisher of the jar. First your articles will be published and preserved for eternity.

You will be able to share your knowledge to the world thus you can help others.

You are free to insert links (your blog, website, social sites, ad-links etc.) within the content. Please avoid inserting spam.

  • How can I earn with your site?

Create affiliate accounts on popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc and put affiliate links within your post.

  • Is my content really safe?

Your article is 100% safe and secure with us. It will remain in the database forever and you have full permission to alter or delete it.

  • Why I get a message to turn off the ad-blocker?

Ads are the sole-source of the income. Your ad-blocker forbids the generation of income. So please do disable ad-blocker to access the site.

  • What are the red links with underlines?

These are the text-ads (from infolinks)

  • Your site needs improvements.

If you come across any problem in the content or layout of the Jar, please suggest us. Your suggestion will be reviewed and acted upon instantly.

  • I want to advertise on your website.

Kindly write to us at

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