How to Convert Your Smartphone into a Wireless PC Mouse

Today, if you have a Smartphone and a PC with you then you need not to worry about purchasing a costly wireless mouse or troubling with the wired mouse. In addition, you can carry your Smartphone cum wireless mouse with you and accomplish your work anywhere anytime without the need of mouse as well as keyboard.

10 Simple Steps

  1. Open Google on your Smartphone and search for Wifi Mouse Pro (v3.0.6 .apk in android OS)
  2. Download the app and install it.                                                                                        
  3. Now on PC click
  4. Download the app on your PC by selecting your suitable OS                                               
  5. Install the app on your PC and in the notification tray find Mouse Server.
  6. Right click it and tick the Auto Run
  7. Now on your Smartphone turn WiFi on.
  8. Setup the app, search for your PC and connect with it.
  9. You should keep WiFi of your Smartphone and of PC on to use this feature.
  10. Explore other features for enhanced experience.




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