Characters in the Play Candida

Read this article to know about the characters in Play Candida.

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Characters in the Play Candida

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  • Candida: She is the main character of the play. She is a woman of 33. She is very attractive & has a charming personality. She knows well to use her beauty to get her ends. She is the wife of James Morell & mother of two children.
  • James Morell: He is the husband of Candida. He is a healthy man of 40. He is a clergyman. He is also a socialist & an active member of the Guild of St. Mathews & Christian Socialist Union.

He is a well ornate & is very popular. Every Sunday he delivers lecture at the Church. He is constantly invited to different places for delivering lectures. Hence he hardly has time for himself.

  • Eugene Marchbanks: He is the nephew to an Earl. He is a young boy of 18. He is a poet. He is very shy. Later on in the play, he falls in love with Candida, who is 10 years older than him.
  • Alexander Mill (Lexy): He is curate to James Morell. He has just graduated from Oxford University. He has great respect for James Morell.
  • Miss Proserpine Garnett(Prossy): She is the typist of James Morell. She is about 30 years old. She is secretly in love with James Morell.
  • Burgess: He is the father of Candida. He is old & greedy. Previously he was a petty trader, but became rich by making the workers of his factory to work more & also by paying them lowest possible wages. He has no value for relations. He seeks for profit in everything.
  • Other Characters These characters have no role in the play. They are found only in the talks.
  • Children of Candida
  • Maria: The maid of Candida

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