Belief on Hidden-Gaib par Imaan

Allah عزوجل tells about the character of Believer (مومن) and his belief in Qur’an:
“Those who believed the hidden & performed Nimaz & spent in our path from our givings.”[Qur’an 2:2]


Three advices are given in this verse
1- To have belief on the hidden
2- To perform religious obligations
3- To spend in the path of Allah عزوجل ( Zakat, Charity, Donation etc.)

What is the hidden?

Hidden is that, which is far from the practical & thus our mind doesn’t accept.

There are two types of hidden.

* One which has no evidence. This type of knowledge is connatural. Such knowledge is distinct with Allah عزوجل only.

* Other type of hidden is that which has evidence.
Like the Prophethood, Sheriah, life after death, day of judgement, hell, heaven etc… These all things have evidence from Qur’an & Hadees.

A Muslims is bound to accept the both types of knowledges to become a believer (مومن). & this belief should be absolute & not mere for show off like that of doubled face (منافق).

Any mistake on my part may please be forgiven.



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