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My name is Mohammad Athar Malik and I am from Darhal, an unexplored paradise in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (India). I am the admin and the author of this site.

I am a student of English Literature, and currently pursuing Masters from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. I have keen interest in reading all sorts of books.

The reason for launching this site is the fact that the field of English Literature still lacks development in the online world. Most of the time, we cannot find articles having easy wording, relevant content and sufficient word length.

So I have taken a step to contribute to its development, keeping in the view what you and I desire.

From 30 views a day (when I started this blog) to about 1100 views (now), I can assume that I am successful to some extent in bringing to you what you want and thus quenching your literary thirst.

I really enjoy writing articles now and always remain eager to publish the new one.

If you find my site useful to use, then do contribute your valuable article and notes by becoming a part of this site or suggest us to make it better.

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